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HypeCourts are the most innovative basketball court on the market. Our courts are constructed from shock absorbing tiles that reduce fatigue, which means the players can play better for longer. Build your own basketball court floor for your backyard, school, gym - anywhere actually!

HypeCourts offer a variety of ready to lay basketball floor court tiles. We provide custom basketball court sizes based on your backyard (or any space) dimensions. HypeCourts basketball tiles can lay over any hard surface, including concrete or paving bricks.

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Here at HypeCourts, our mission is to help our customers achieve their vision for flooring wants and needs. Our outdoor basketball courts are constructed from high-impact polypropylene based perforated tiles, made especially for our hot Australian climate. Each of these tiles have a unique interlocking system, which makes the backyard basketball court flooring a simple DIY installation project.

We customise make the court flooring specific to your space- no cookie cutter flooring here! Simply measure your space and we will custom design your court and our designers will send you 2D design plans to approve.
We can also add white custom painted court lines, logo and ramp edges for the surrounding perimeter.

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What Makes Our
Basketball Tiles The Best!

The grid structure creates a floating floor with an air gap between the underlying concrete and the top surface of the tile to allow water flow.

Locking System easily connects the tiles together and keeps them together.

DIY Installation, no special tools are required.

 Low maintenance tiles are easy to clean and stain-resistant.

Your basketball backyard court will have great drainage.

Made for the Australian Climate.

Made from High-Impact Polypropylene material strong enough to support vehicles weighing up to 40,000 pounds.

Customise Your Court

With Logos
and Court Lines

Design possibilities are endless since we can add custom graphics to the interlocking basketball tiles.

Our customers have requested their high school or favourite NBA or NBL team logos, personal monograms, inspirational quotes, and even their last names.

We can add a basketball player silhouette, customised lines, and artwork to the basketball floor.


You Can Design Your Own
Custom Court


The Finishing Touch


All basketball flooring kits come with border edging that securely interlocks with the court tiles. The edge pieces provide a smooth transition from the underlying floor of your backyard to the basketball court.

Custom sized courts may or may not need the border edging.

The interlocking tiles can be cut to line up next to a wall; or the edging might not be necessary if the court will border along grass or a wall in your backyard.

Edging is optional for custom courts.

Multiple Colours Available.


HypeCourts products have been proudly producing since 2010. We love hearing back from our valued customers. Here are some authentic reviews from our happy customers. They continuously amaze us with their creativity and their practical uses of our tiles to solve their basketball flooring issues.

Your basketball court flooring questions, answered.